Dear friends,

welcome to the Polyclinic at Národní, one of the the most established and respected center for medical care in the Czech Republic.

Since our founding in 1993, we have recorder over a hundred thousands patient visits.

The polyclinic was founded and directed by MUDr Martin Jan Stransky, MD, FACP, who also holds a current appoitment as Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University.

We provide care for children and adults, with emphasis on patient dialogue and on providing internationally proven standards of care.

In addition to preventive and urgent medical care we also provide contractual services to domestic and foreign companies.

We look forward to your visit!


Časopis Přítomnost

Care for musicians

Our clinic provides a truly unique service via our specialized treatment and prevention program for musicians. Our specialized team, consisting of MUDr. Stransky (neurology), Prof. MUDr. Trč (orthopedics) and Hana Stáhlíková (rehabilitation), treats problems specific to musicians, such as back pain and neck pains from poor ergonomics, dystonia (involuntary movements), spasms of the fingers and hands, muscle weakness / performance and stress syndromes, etc. A popular component of the above is the prevention of these problems via the teaching and practice of preventive regimens for musicians, especially those beginning their training.