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welcome to the Polyclinic at Národní, one of the the most established and respected center for medical care in the Czech Republic.

Since our founding in 1993, we have recorder over a hundred thousands patient visits.

The polyclinic was founded and directed by MUDr Martin Jan Stransky, MD, FACP, who also holds a current appoitment as Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University.

We provide care for children and adults, with emphasis on patient dialogue and on providing internationally proven standards of care.

In addition to preventive and urgent medical care we also provide contractual services to domestic and foreign companies.

We look forward to your visit!


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(Česky) Proč chytnete chřipku, když se očkujete

Nezařazené 2018-10-04
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(Česky) Neobvyklá vedra ohrožují lidské mozky

Nezařazené 2018-08-06
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Do emotions and business go together?

Nezařazené 2018-05-17
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Our Psychologist at the Polyclinic at Národní answers.

Human behavior is largely driven by emotions. Do they have a place in business or in the workplace? We talked with Klára Gajdušková, psychologist, coach and mentor at Respektrum at the Polyclinic at Národní in Prague.

Yes, emotions belong not just to life, but to advertising brands for which people “live,” such as Apple, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Harley Davidson, but also IKEA, Philips, Nestlé or Mac Donalds.  Becoming such a brand means needs a special corporate culture and brand positioning that aims at a clear target group.

What is the most common problem for managers who come to you for help?

Very often it’s communication. Sometimes the manager does not understand his team and also has problems communicating with them. They may be too offensive with their employees and not give them the necessary space to implement their ideas.   There may be no set rules and little feedback.

Does your work experience being active in business help you?

Absolutely. On the one hand we offer coaching and mentoring. A coach is someone who advises and guides the client with questions. The role of mentor is to share your personal experience. Psychotherapy overlaps this and engages in your mental health. It enables us to help our clients look at themselves and view and address the situation from a different perspective.

Klára Gajdušková studied Psychology at La Salle University in Philadelphia (USA) and attended Beck’s Institute of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which has international accreditation. She worked as a psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health and then led the team of Corporate Communications at Česká spořitelna for 15 years. She specializes in corporate clients and their families.

You can find Klára at our Polyclinic at Národní or call for your appointment to our Reception at tel.: 222 075 120.

What really works for weight loss?

Nezařazené 2018-05-16
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With the warm weather here, there is no shortage of diet plans. But are they guaranteed? „Not at all,” summarizes the leading Czech obesitologist MUDr. Taťána Staňková from the Center for Metabolism and Nutrition Disorders at the Polyclinic at Národní in Prague.

„If you need to lose just a few pounds, it doesn’t matter if you drink only lemon water like Beyoncé, or choose any other diet. But if you want to take off more, you are taking a risk with these fad diets. “ says MUDr. Taťána Staňková. “Some fad diets may help you, but there is a better way“ adds Dr Staňková, who notes that all diets should encompass the following:

  • as much soluble fiber as possible,
  • as many proteins as possible,
  • as few sugars,
  • as few calories as possible.

„At the same time, the diet should balance all recommendations of the daily dose of vitamins, minerals and trace elements,” adds Dr. Staňková.  „It does not matter how often you eat. What matters is only that the you burn more calories than you take in.  Exercise is not a necessary must.“

Do not worry, we’ll help you with those ticks

Nezařazené 2018-05-15
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More than a quarter of ticks are infected with a transmissible disease.

Although tick-borne encephalitis occurs less than Lyme borreliosis, it is generally more dangerous. „In contrast to other European countries, the prevalence of encephalitis is very high in our country,” says , Martin Jan Stránský, M.D. FACP, Yale neurologist and Director of the Polyclinic at Národní. „Since tic-borne encephalitis has no cure, vaccination is the best medicine, and should be done at this time of year.“

The first phase of tic encephalitis resembles a flu, but the second is more severe and includes headaches, fevers, nausea, vomiting, stiff neck, nerve palsy, dizziness, sleep disturbances and disorientation. „One gets protection from infection before the second dose, which is applied one to three months after the first dose,” says MUDr. Vlasta Plachá, general practitioner at the Polyclinic at Národní. „If you did not get the vaccine by the end of March, you may still be vaccinated via the so-called short protocol where the second dose is applied two weeks after the first. After immunization, protection lasts for three to five years.“ The vaccine is suitable for adults and children from one year of age.

There is no vaccination against Lyme borreliosis. “For many people, Lyme disease may have very subtle symptoms, perhpas only a mild „flu“ or fatigue” Dr. Martin J. Stránský. If Lyme disease is not treated in time, it may progress to more severe forms that effect the heart and nervous system.  „for evaluation and treatment of htis disease, it is very important to see someone who has a lot of expertise with this illness, as unfortunately, many doctors mismanage both the diagnosis and treatment of this illness“ adds Dr. Stránský.

Are you immune to measles?

Nezařazené 2018-05-13
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In light of the most recent measles epidemic, a lot of people are asking that question. If you are an adult and are not sure if you had eitther measles or the childhood vaccinations, the best  is for you to get a simple blood test for measles antibodies. „We offer testing every Monday,“ says MUDr. Martin Jan Stránský, MD, FACP, Director of the Polyclinic at Národní in Prague. Those insured by OZP, ČPZP, ZPMV have the tests fully covered by public health insurance, otherwise the cost is  CZK 700 for the test. „The measles antibody test is a simple test, no fasting or preparation is needed“ notes MUDr. Vlasta Plachá, general practitioner at the National Polyclinic.

Measles virus is spread through the air and is highly contagious. „The typical rash occurs after contacting the disease, with incubation lasting about two weeks,“ notes Dr. Plachá. Vaccination against measles is mandatory for children, between 13 and 18 months of age.  Those infected people in the current epidemic usually received only one dose or were not vaccinated at all. However, according to Dr Plachá, the antibody test is useful even if you are sure you have been vaccinated with a two-dose regimen. „In such cases, the immunity you have acquired may gradually fade,“ she explains. Vaccination contraindications are gravidity allergy to aminoglycosides antibiotics and egg proteins.

Measles begins in the same way as any cold – fever, cough and eye irritation, followed by whitish dots in your mouth with red surroundings. After a few days a red rash appears on the body, usually at the back of the neck and face, spreading to the abdomen and finally to the limbs. Once infected, the cure is home rest. „Treatment focuses on accompanying symptoms of cough and fever.  We also treat the rash and itching notes Dr. Plachá and adds, „Antibiotics are, as with other viral diseases, ineffective.“

We are ready for the new EU Privacy Policy Law

Nezařazené 2018-05-11
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As of May 25, the Privacy Policy (GDPR), which tightens the protection of your personal information, will be law. At the Policlinic at Národní, we také your privacy very seriously and are already complying with the new policies.  Here is what you need to know:

Your personal data can only be processed with your written permission.  It must be clear to whom, to what extent, for what purpose and for how long you have given your consent. At your next visit, we will inform you about the processing of your personal data in our polyclinic according to EU regulations and we will ask you for your consent, which you can revoke at any time.

As in the past, we will strictly protect your personal information, and we will never ask you for personal information other than those we absolutely need for quality care for your health. Such data include your first and last name, permanent address, personal identification number that can verify your identity, and your health insurance company. The data, which primarily provide quality communication, include contact or temporary address and other connection options – telephone, e-mail, etc.  Processed  data include the nature of the services provided, as well as the diagnosis, treatment and financial transactions between you and our Polyclinic. Data collected for statistical purposes is made anonymous (deleting the first and last name, address and contacts, or anything that could lead to your identification).

Personal data is processed from the moment you give your consent until you cancel your consent or 5 years after the last record in medical records.

You will be able to read the full directive on  our website as of May 25.  If you do not plan to visit us in the near future, please fill it out electronically so that we can expedite your treatment.

(Česky) Buďte připraveni, až se klíšťata probudí!

Nezařazené 2018-03-21
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Nezařazené 2017-05-05
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We take care about UNYP

Nezařazené 2016-09-06
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Polyclinic at Narodni takes care from now about students, staff, professors and graduates of University of New York in Prague, the private university with accredited bachelor’s and master’s programs.