It is time to start thinking abou vaccination abroad

Are you travelling on vacation or business to a foreign country and don´t know which vaccinations are necessary? Come and consult with us!

We will go over your travel plans regarding needed vaccinations.  We will carefully review the following: destination and time of year, countries to be visited, length of stay, mode of travel, current health status (chronic illness, allergies) and history with regard to previous immunization, contraindications to vaccination, age, gender, pregnancy, immune status. An important factor is the timing of vaccines, since some vaccines require several doses before they become effective.

Along with tetanus, the most frequently needed vaccines are against hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, meningitis of different types, rabies, tick-borne encephalitis and influenza. For people over 30 years of age who are visiting endemic areas, polio and diphtheria vaccines are recommended.

Mandatory vaccination is currently in place in many areas, including yellow fever vaccine when traveling to countries in Africa and Central and South America and meningitis when traveling to Saudi Arabia.

All vaccinations are evidenced in your international vaccination certificate, which we issue. This bears the date vaccinations, doctor's name and stamp, batch of vaccine or sticker from the vaccine. The International Certificate of Vaccination may be required when entering a country.

Finally, we also provide advice and preventative strategies regarding common travel ailments from jet lag to traveler’s diarrhea.